The smoke hangs in the air like fog ore the San Francisco Bay
The neon lights are about the only aid to see your way.
The chairs are all different and if you are lucky don’t wobble
The tables are all nicked, but hey as long as your drink doesn’t spill why squabble?
The music is full of soul, deep, rich soul that touches you down below.
The musicians are lost in their rhythm and don’t know if you come or go.
Break – a light shatters the fog.
Voice – announces a dancer; promises this one is not a dog.
Blackout – and then the music starts.

Slow, sweet, echoing in the bose that are hung around the place
Echoing off the walls as she makes her first step, a leg extends dressed in lace.
A step and a hip grinds her into the spot, she is only lit from the shoulders down
You see the shadow of her neck as she lays her head back, and rolls it around.
Slow, easy slide, one step then the other, every one accented with hips gyrating fine
Someone grumbles, someone says shut-up and watch, it will be worth your time.
Flash – lights are everywhere
Volume – the music is wild now and full of her dare.
Change – now she struts and makes the pole on the runway
her toy.

Beauty that shines out from beneath the made-up face, now a wink of a dark eye
She is almost vertical with one leg up the pole and one still on the floor, you sigh
She is in one moment now on the floor of the runway working it like no model could
Arms wind up, as she sinks down, legs go into a split, she leans forward and comes straight up.
The view has you now, this is no regular to this circuit surely, for she is magic that fills your cup.
Twirl follows twirl, her head never moves but for a sharp snap, she owns the place you bet she does.
Black – back to no light
Softness – a whispered thank you
Music – to the soul touching you down below.

Backstage she lowers her head to rub off the glitter, make-up, and a tear.
He comes backstage, hands her a wad of money and asks if she will.
She looks at him one moment then cocks her head, with a soft ‘Maybe.’, intonation fear.
The costume, the make-up kit, everything that is all about this place and its chill
Is put in a leather satchel and out the back door she goes to climb into her car
Dressed in black boot to the knees, jeans tight, leather jacket, and a hat pulled down far.
Roar – a powerful engine starts up
Scrunch – gravel flies as a 442 makes its mark
Swish – the cd goes into the player
And she says, “ Baby come home, I don’t want to be lonely anymore.
The lights of the car come on; she turns the corner, heading uptown hoping, he will show.  

Looking For An Idol

Looking for an idol, not a god nor a prince
Who will with one grip overpower my good sense.
Steps he me into the alley, black shadowed brick to scrape
Rough is his hand as he grips me at the nape of my neck.
Consent is not needed, he takes then takes again
Drinking from the well of blood his kisses have begun.
I can taste it, salty, thick; but it is like a drug to me.
Up now along the wall, he is lifting, terror and excitement
What a mix to see.
He grabs my hair, demanding my head to lean back
I grab his shoulders, nails biting through his sport jacket.
One leg lifts to cover inner thigh.
Another answers in agony’s response our combined passions
Now sought for fantasies become a moaning war cry.
Desire me, want me, need me, but never ever dare care
Need me, want me, desire me, don’t worry, chuckle given,
You have had your share.
Brick becomes the surface that animal instinct is carved upon
Legs wrapped now around his middle, oh how he loves my charms.
Drip, drip, the water from the fire escape falls from above
Drip, Drip, it becomes music, cannibalistic beat, I am enthralled.
One shove, one tear, shoulder delicate answers in sweat of vitae
You are good, the words spill forth, I laugh at him,
Wish of you I could say the same.
A push away from me, and I turn to strut back into the night
Fool, he thought he could satisfy me, he will never gain the stuff right.
Back out to my haunts I go, one conquest in mind
Looking for an idol, please no god or prince apply.